For most people, planning is a two-part process; it begins with financial planning, which helps to grow the assets, and ends with estate planning, which passes the assets to the heirs. However, for as long as records have been kept, nine out of ten inheritance plans have ultimately collapsed. Not only is the money lost, but the family unity, its traditions, and even the family's unique story are often destroyed. For families to achieve what matters most to them, a third element is necessary. It is called heritage design.

The Heritage Institute is the acknowledged leader in the field of multigenerational heritage design. And The Heritage ProcessTM is the best, most proven kind of heritage design available. It opens new horizons of discovery, accomplishment and unity for families, and it delivers an unparalleled level of professional and personal reward to the advisors who serve them.

Many people wonder if their legacy will only have meaning to their family after they are gone. Through The Heritage ProcessTM they can see the impact of their legacy right now.

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2nd Edition Now Available!

Over 50% New content

The 2nd edition of  Perry Cochell and Rod Zeeb’s best-selling book Beating the Midas Curse is now available in softcover.  The 1st edition went through five hardcover printings, and has been hailed as a modern classic.

This new edition features over 50% new content, and focuses on  the positive outcomes that you and your family can experience  through heritage design.  Click book  for more information.

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