Alignment Day Academy

About the Alignment Day Academy

Alignment Days (Family, Business, Organization) Training Program
Monday-Tuesday, May 17-18

Also offered:

November 7-8


Marriott - DFW Airport
8440 Freeport Parkway
Irving, Texas 75063

This training program was first developed for holding 1-day Family Alignment Day®. However, we soon found that this model was also extremely effective when working with businesses and other organizations. So, we have expanded the training to include families, businesses and other organizations.

During the first day of this training we will take the group through a Family Alignment Day® as if you are one big, blended, semi-functional family. During the day you will experience:

During this session you will experience and learn how to facilitate a day for the family that includes:
1) Creating alignment within the family
2) Identifying the family’s purpose
3) Identifying the leadership and communication styles within the family
4) Creating common vision
5) Identifying the purpose of the family’s financial wealth and value of keeping it together
6) Priorities and next steps.

On the second day of this training, you will learn the nuances, transitions, and modifications you will make when working with a business or organization. You will also learn business models, marketing and pricing for these services.

Your tuition includes the 2-day training program, the annotated agenda with scripts for the pre-meeting calls, coaching for all family members and the important logistics for the day, location and steps post-meeting.  So you have all the tools to hold a FAD when you walk out of the room!  

In addition, you will receive a 1-year Heritage Institute Membership and Family Alignment Day™ License for 1-year.  The Family Alignment Day™ License allows you to purchase the Family Alignment Day™ packages for each family including FAD materials at 50% discount and Beating the Midas Curse books at a 30% discount off the retail prices.


Heritage Design Professionals:  50% discount
Heritage Partners: 25% discount
Members:  10% discount

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