I picked up one idea that will likely translate into $240,000 additional revenue annually for my firm doing work I love to do with people I love doing it with!
Johnne Syverson, West Des Moines, IA

2017 Training & Events Schedule

Apply now for 2017 program: Heritage Design Professional™ Coaching Program 2017-2 HERE

June 12-14

Facilitating Effective Communication & Dynamics Program (FECD)     Session 1: The Exceptional Facilitator’s Training with Doug Carter

Are you comfortable and confident facilitating the communication and dynamics in your client families and organizations even when there are relationship blocks and conflict?   This Program will provide you with content, skills and experience that will put you amongst the elite in your field and distinguish you from your competitors. Learn more HERE

August 9-10

Facilitating Effective Communication & Dynamics Program (FECD)     Session 2: “3 Gaps” and Franklin Reality Theory & Types of Meetings Learn more HERE

September 25-26 (both days 8am-5pm)

 HDP Year 3+ Coaching Group (for certified HDPs in good standing)

September 27-28

Better Listening, Better Questions, Better Relationships – OPEN

This training is for successful advisors who desire to build better and deeper           relationships with their existing clients and take their practice to the next               level.  From this training you will leave with practical tools you can use the             next day, and it can pay for itself many times over with just one client.

More information and register HERE.

 2106-1 HDP Group – Session #7

October 18-20

Facilitating Effective Communication & Dynamics Program (FECD)    Session 3: Crucial Accountability training with Vital Smarts                           Learn more HERE

November 7-8

Alignment Days Training (Family, Business, Organizations)  – OPEN

This training program was first developed for holding 1-day Family Alignment Days®. However, we soon found that this model was also extremely effective when working with businesses and other organizations. So, we have expanded the training to include families, businesses and other organizations.

During the first day of this training we will take the group through a Family Alignment Day® as if you are one big, blended, semi-functional family. On the second day of this training, you will learn the nuances, transitions, and modifications you will make when working with a business or organization. You will also learn business models, marketing and pricing for these services.

Read/download this PDF for more information

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   2017-2 HDP Group – Session #2


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