We help families stay strong and united for generations.

The Heritage Institute is a community of like-minded men and women dedicated to making a difference in the world.  Our members include professionals from a variety of financial, legal, insurance, non-profit and other advisory and client-service professions.

We founded The Heritage Institute and created The Heritage Process®  to be a bridge between the ‘products’ of traditional planning (things like wills and trusts) and the hopes and dreams that parents and grandparents have for their family to be unified, productive and healthy for many generations. To achieve that goal, the family must learn to identify what matters most to them, how to work together, and how to equip succeeding generations to deal with the responsibilities and opportunities of both the financial and the emotional inheritances they will receive.  That is what we help them to accomplish.

Heritage-trained advisors are located in the USA, Canada, Western Europe and Brazil. 

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Discover how your family can become stronger and more unified today, and stay that way for generations.


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