Your Custom Edition of Beating the Midas Curse


Yep, it's that time again!

Chocolates, they'll forget. This, they'll remember.

The Holidays are upon us, and so is the latest updated version of the best-selling book,  Beating the Midas Curse. (More than a dozen printings, and 3 updates). You can get a customized version in 1 of 2 flavors; with or without a personal Foreword. Either way, your name will be on the front, and your photo and a personal message on the back. Plus, each book costs about the same as that box of chocolates or cookies you gave last year. But, Midas Curse lasts longer, doesn't cause weight gain, and your name, contact and photo can be on your client or prospect's bedside nightstand for a long, long time. Cookies last what, about 30 seconds?

In the past year, independent advisors, a major national bank, non-profits and BDs have each discovered the value of gifting clients and prospects with Beating the Midas Curse

Learn more about the book   HERE

Learn more about the book HERE