New edition of Beating the Midas Curse is now available.

Updated cover,  data and content, plus a new section that details the most desired outcomes of The Heritage Process.  Download the 2-page graphic of the Process, and client's most desired outcomes, HERE.

We are pleased to issue this updated version of Beating the Midas Curse. Tens of thousands of copies have been sold since the 1st edition was published in 2006, and the second, completely revised edition was released in 2013. This book remains the single best, most comprehensive tool that advisors can share with people to help them understand the scope, power, and history of Heritage Design. From the US to Canada, from Brazil to the UK, France and Germany (courtesy of AMAZON Europe!), Midas Curse continues to educate, inspire and motivate people.  We are launching this updated edition with special pricing for members of the THI community. Through the end of July, the price for a case of 20 books is reduced from the normal price of $14.95 per book to just $9.95 per book. That's a case sale price of $199, which is $100 off the standard price for a case. (Shipping is extra.)

And, for those who would like to get a customized version of the book with your name on the front cover and your photo on the back, we are reducing the customization fee from $800 to $500 until the end of July.

For details on case purchases and customization, please email: