Allegiance Publishing
Allegiance publishes a number of works directly related to Heritage Design work, including the Family Alignment Day workbooks, Beating the Midas Curse (2nd Edition), What Matters, Jonathan Marvel’s Christmas Pockets, Effective Family Governance, and Rod Zeeb’s new Family Stewardship book. Allegiance also provides special editions of many of these works which allows you to customize and/or brand the books with your contact information.   
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FamilyArc partners with advisors to help them differentiate themselves and add value for their clients.  With FamilyArc you can develop multigenerational relationships with your clients through the preservation of family history. Our private, cloud-based platform preserves anything that can be digitized in a secure, museum-quality archive. No more will family letters crumble with age, photos be buried in the basement, or aging parents pass on before their stories are recorded and saved. Create additional value for your clients by helping families catalog, capture, and celebrate their legacy for generations to come.

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Rare Coins of New Hampshire (RCNH) Financial has worked with financial professionals, their clients and institutions worldwide since 1990.  RCNH Financial has specialized in the assembly of premium quality, independently certified rare U.S coins as well as the daily trading of the physical form of all precious metals, including gold, silver and platinum. Full service is provided with tangible asset appraisal and evaluation services, marketing support, training and investment portfolio management. RCNH Financial is a subsidiary of Rare Coins of New Hampshire, the preeminent tangible asset firm nationally recognized for its technical expertise and consumer protection practices.
Contact Donald W. Dee, Director of the Financial Services Division
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Abilene Christian University, a national leader in Christian higher education, is a large, globally diverse university that attracts 4,900 students from 48 states and 41 nations to campuses in Abilene and Dallas, Texas. Students have an exceptionally high acceptance rate into prestigious professional and graduate schools. Top companies and organizations aggressively recruit ACU graduates for their knowledge and character. But the real distinctive quality at ACU is the combination of quality academics and a serious focus on Christ – in daily Chapel, in student-led devotionals and in the classroom. Other universities may offer quality academics, but few integrate faith and learning in all aspects of life. ACU’s exceptional faculty challenge students to make a real difference in the world. The ACU Foundation is a resource center for friends of the university who want to pass their values on to family, friends and generations of students educated for Christian service and leadership.
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The Family Stewardship Center is dedicated to helping Christians create thriving, multi-generational families of faith. We help them to begin their journey with the book, Family Stewardship:Thrive for Generations. It explains and describes the Biblical mandates for parents and grandparents to “train up a child,” to pass God’s decrees and instructions, to share Biblical wisdom, and to share their own personal experiences and stories. The source material and ‘map’ for the family journey is contained in the Family Stewardship Study Program, which is a 9-session study program that includes the 217-page book, study lessons & online resources, and introductory videos that set up discussion and reflection points for each of the nine sessions. To learn more, visit:

These are Strategic Relationships who are important to our community and are great people to get to know.  They are not only sponsors but they actively participate in our training so they fully understand what your clients are or will be experiencing and can help add value.

We recommend you reach out to introduce yourself to each one of them and/or visit their website to learn about how they can help your practice.