The Heritage Process®

We know from studies and experience that 90 percent of families fail when it comes to keeping the family unity and its assets together for more than three generations.  There are many reasons for that, but the most important question that fact raises is:

If 90 percent of families fail, what do the ‘successful’ 10 percent do differently?  
We discovered that the difference it is NOT in their financial or estate planning.  The difference is that they add a 3rd element to their planning, known as heritage design.

• Financial Planning protects & grows your money.

•Estate Planning prepares your money for your family.

• Heritage Design prepares your family for their inheritances.

Financial planning can be as simple as the monthly household budget, or as complex as sophisticated long-range planning designed in consultation with professional planners. Estate planning can mean anything from a simple will to dynasty trusts, offshore planning and multi-faceted philanthropic plans. Heritage Design prepares your heirs to receive both their financial as well as their emotional inheritances.  It shapes and guides the decisions people make regarding their financial and estate planning. Heritage design can be as simple as creating special family traditions that foster communication between family members, to the establishment of multi-generational family governance structures.

We took what has worked in successful families for centuries and put it into The Heritage Process®, which is the most comprehensive form of heritage design available.This proven process helps people to discover and secure the future they really want. It was developed to help families and individuals to get stronger today, and to achieve their dreams across generations.

In the heritage design process, families learn to:

• Identify family stories, values, life lessons and experiences, and use them as the cornerstone for all their planning.
• Communicate effectively on an adult-to-adult level.
• Prepare & equip the next generations.
• Work together, and mentor the children in the skills they’ll need to succeed as individuals and as a united family.

The principles of The Heritage Process® have nothing to do with money. They apply to people at all income levels because designing for the future of your money is not the same as designing for the future of your family.

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