Things have changed.  Now you can engage clients and make money right away            without doing the entire Heritage Process.

To learn what this means for you, watch the webinar video below.



Upcoming Training that relates to the webinar includes:

• Alignment Days:  For Families, Businesses, and Organizations •
·  Typical fees:  $3,500 - $12,950 (higher for businesses)
·   You will walk away with scripts and access to the workbooks and other written materials so you can engage a family, business or organization the day after the Academy
·    November 7-8, 2017 in Dallas

This training program was first developed for holding 1-day Family Alignment Days®. However, we soon found that this model was also extremely effective when working with businesses and other organizations. So, we have expanded the training to include families, businesses and other organizations.

During the first day of this training we will take the group through a Family Alignment Day® as if you are one big, blended, semi-functional family. On the second day of this training, you will learn the nuances, transitions, and modifications you will make when working with a business or organization. You will also learn business models, marketing and pricing for these services.

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• Better Listening, Better Questions, Better Relationships Academy (aka BBB) •
·    You really will learn how to listen better and ask better questions which leads to better relationships with your existing clients, and higher closing ratios with your prospects
·    Walk away having learned and practiced both the 7-step Alignment Conversation® and 7-step Expectations Conversation™ which you will use every day to increase your profits
·    Get an overview of the revised Heritage Process and how you can offer it to your clients without having to do the work yourself
·    March 1-2 , 2018, in Dallas

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I picked up one idea that will likely translate into $240,000 additional revenue annually for my firm doing work I love to do with people I love doing it with!
Johnne Syverson, West Des Moines, IA

                  Join us in Dallas for our most important event of the year.

                  Join us in Dallas for our most important event of the year.

2018 Annual Meeting & Dinner. 

You will NOT want to miss this.  It has been expanded to 1.5 days because there was too much content for 1-day.  Hear from top experts.  Spoiler – hear about a trust that would fund your work with the family for multiple generations.  February 27-28, 2018 in Dallas.