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          Are you confident that your family will thrive
                          for multiple generations?

If you are a parent or  grandparent, ask yourself this question: are you passing the torch of inheritance by the handle, or are you concerned you may be passing it by the flame? In short, are you confident that your children and grandchildren are prepared to manage, control, and grow their inheritances? 

If you will be an inheritor, are you truly prepared to receive your inheritances, and are you equipped to manage, control, and grow them?

Get the tools you need to succeed on February 23-24, 2018

At the Thriving Families Conference, grandparents, parents, and inheritors are equipped and trained with proven tools to make the inheritance process a winning experience for the entire family. The Monarch to Mentor session is for parents and grandparents, and the Rising Leaders session is for the children and grandchildren who will receive the inheritances.

The sessions are highly interactive, and attendance is limited in order to provide maximum involvement and benefit for every person there. Monarch to Mentor is limited to 42 attendees, Rising Leaders is limited to 60. You can register here.


A gift for your family

There is a secure and proven path that successful  families have followed for centuries to become stronger and more unified today, and then stay that way for generations. At this conference you will learn how you can share enduring gifts that will help your family thrive as never before. Share the gift today.

The conference venue

The conference will be held at the Dallas / Fort Worth Marriott Solana, near DFW Airport. You can connect with the hotel HERE.