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The New 2nd Edition of the Best-Selling Classic

Only 1 out of 10 families successfully pass their unity and prosperity from one generation to the next. For as long as historical records have been kept, the three-generation cycle of boom to bust has been a painful circumstance felt by almost every family. Two thousand years ago in China the saying was ‘wealth never survives three generations.’ A century ago in Brazil it was ‘from the stables to the stars to the stables’ in three generations. Many cultures, one sad tradition of loss and failure.  Watching your family’s material assets fade away is bad enough; even worse is witnessing the damage done to individual family member achievement and family unity, in large part because traditional inheritance planning fails to address the Midas Curse.

Perry Cochell and Rod Zeeb knew why so many families were failing. For them, the more important question was: what were the 10% of families who continue to thrive and prosper generation after generation doing differently? Beating the Midas Curse is the product of decades of research and practical experience with hundreds of families at all income levels, from average income earners to billionaires. It details the practical, proven methods identified by Cochell and Zeeb that have been used for centuries by the ‘successful 10%’ to beat the Midas Curse. 

Start with the information in this book, and then begin your family’s own multi-generational journey to greater unity, strength and prosperity–right now.

The 1st edition went through five hardcover printings, and has helped thousands of families.  Read the new edition, and discover for yourself what you can do today to help your family thrive now, and for generations to come. 


A Novel for Generations

There is no such thing as an ‘ordinary’ life. Within each of us are stories that have the power to inspire, challenge, motivate and guide generations of our families. And the stories of our lives are the greatest legacy we can leave to our families and loved ones.  As the novel What Matters opens, Martin Forrestal is dying. From his hospital bed, he conceives a plan to share the stories from his life that will be his greatest legacy to his family. He wants them to know who he was, understand what he believed in, appreciate what he fought for, and see exactly how values shaped and guided his life. Martin takes up a pad of paper, and in large letters writes: What Matters? 

During a long night of reflection, eighty-two year old Martin identifies the values that matter most to him. His list begins with the value of Love. By the time the sun is rising outside his hospital window, he has identified fourteen values, from Responsibility to Family Unity. As family and friends come to say their good-byes, Martin records his stories. The action of the novel flows back and forth across more than a century, from an icy mountain cave where he was trapped by an avalanche with his Scout Troop, to a tiny coral island in the Pacific that saw some ofthe bloodiest combat of WW II. From a pioneer cabin in old Montana on Christmas morning, to the sweeping plains of the Argentine pampas, Martin recounts how each of the values on his list were forged into his character. 

Martin is not financially wealthy. But he knows that by sharing What Matters with generations of his family, he is passing a far more important and enduring legacy than material wealth. What Matters brims with original stories, heartfelt emotions, and the eloquence of simple truths. 

“What Matters is a poignant story of life and death, and more importantly the lessons learned along the way, told by a member of the Greatest Generation. It weaves an inspiring tale of friendship and values and love and heroes and loss, and how the simplest of lives can be the most important.  It should be required reading for the next generation.”

Larry Elder, Author & Nationally Syndicated Radio-Television Host

Family Stewardship for Generations

The Bible is clear that we are to be good stewards within our families.  For centuries that has almost always been interpreted as a mandate to first and foremost be wise stewards of our financial resources. Rod Zeeb's new book argues that if we regard the Bible's teachings on stewardship merely as a kind of spiritual money management program, we are missing the deeper value and far more encompassing gift that Biblical stewardship offers to families.

Would you like to become a more effective steward of your own family, starting today? Would you like to help your children and grandchildren to unify and strengthen their own families in common purpose, and to remain strong and purposeful for generations? If so, Zeeb says, you must learn to move far beyond the money and focus on what the Bible teaches us is far more important than financial wealth.

 In this fast-paced, thought provoking book, Zeeb examines the importance of passing of the non-financial assets of the family and fulfilling the Biblical mandates regarding teaching and training our children and grandchildren. He draws upon Bible verse, historical scholarship, extensive surveys of studies about families, and his own two decades-plus career working with families who desire to build their futures upon the things that matter most to them, especially their faith.