Alignment Days:  For Families, Businesses & Organizations Academy

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Learn how to help families, businesses and organizations to get stronger and more unified today, and stay that way for years to come.

By the end of a Family, Business, or Organization Alignment Day, your client (s) will be more clear about their  purpose, they will have  identified areas of shared vision, and they will have set priorities to work towards for the future. Communication will be enhanced, and a clear path towards building greater trust will be lined out. At this training you will experience what it feels like to go through an Alignment Day, and you will learn how to work with a family, business, or organization. You will also learn business models, marketing and pricing for these services.

This is both a stand-alone Academy and the second session of the Heritage Design Professionals™ Coaching Program. (The first session is the Better Listening, Better Questions, Better Relationships Academy.)