Top 7 Benefits of Heritage Design

For advisors

Heritage Design builds deeper client relationships and increases business through quality introductions, client retention and sustainable streams of revenue for professional advisors.  Read the Top 7 Benefits HERE


Benefits of Heritage Design

For Banks and Trust Companies

The bottom line is that Heritage Design work will increase business, quality introductions, client retention and sustainable streams of revenue for banks and trust companies.  Learn more HERE.

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Are Heritage Design Services a Fit for Your Business?

How Heritage Design Services Differentiate Your Business

Heritage Design & Client Retention

New Academy: Alignment Day for Families, Businesses & Organizations

Facilitating Effective Communication & Dynamics

Facilitating Effective Communication & Dynamics

Imagine being so comfortable with yourself and what you’re doing that you confidently and easily facilitate any meeting on any topic that creates measurable changes in behavior for the participants because you have advanced facilitation training and skills. Our Facilitating Effective Communication & Dynamics Program will give you those skills and that confidence. Go HERE to learn more.

Three paths for professional involvement

Heritage Design Professional®, THI Partner, or THI Member.
One of these levels will provide the right balance of value and benefit to your business.

You may choose participation with The Heritage Institute at one of three separate levels.  Professionals join at the level that best reflects the way that they would like to work with multigenerational Heritage design.  Each level is summarized briefly below.  

Heritage Design Professional® : This is our Certification level, and is for anyone who desires to provide The Heritage Process® in its entirety, or who desires to or will partner/collaborate with one or more Heritage Design Professional® to provide Heritage design to their own clients, and to partner and collaborate with other professionals to provide multi-generational heritage design and The Heritage Process® to their clients.  Learn more about the process in this webinar.The Heritage Design Professional® desires to understand the entire process and to be equipped to participate at any level. Download information below, or fill in the form and we will set a time to talk about you and your business, and how our training can add value to everything you do.

Heritage Design Professional Program2018-2: Description, Timeline and Application HERE

Learn about our Code of Ethics & Ongoing Requirements

Read our White Paper online– The Elements of Heritage Design: Sustaining Family Wealth & Unity for Generations

Heritage Institute Partner:  This membership level makes it possible for you to offer Heritage design to your clients via collaboration with a qualified HDP (see below), and/or for anyone who desires to both collaborate and participate in the process, but who does not desire to do it all on their own.  As a Partner you can “co-brand” our materials in a partnering relationship with a HDP to provide multi-generational design and fulfill whatever role you are qualified for as part of that process.  This level allows you to offer multi-generational Heritage design as an additional service offering without becoming a Heritage Design Professional yourself.

Heritage Institute Member: This is the basic membership level which includes access to the our Community through Knowledge Vault.  Through Knowledge Vault, you can connect with our community and post questions or issues for input and insight from everyone within the community.  You also have access to a library of white papers and research.   Members may purchase tuition bundles to attend Academies and our Annual Meeting at a 15% discount, and may purchase cases of the 2ndedition of Beating the Midas Curse and our legacy-themed novel What Matters at a discount.

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