Facilitating Important Meetings & Challenging Dynamics

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Your best clients and prospects (individuals, businesses, and other organizations, entities and groups) are demanding professional relationships and alignment with top advisors who have the skills, leadership and experience that will help them achieve their desired outcomes. This includes being an expert at facilitating important and challenging meetings for the families and organizations, with whom you work and facilitating and resolving some of the challenging dynamics in those families and organizations.

If you are a successful professional who works with successful clients and facilitates important meeting, then this program is for you. This Program will provide you with content, skills and experience that will put you amongst the elite in your field and distinguish you from your competitors.


The professionals who previously attended this program (which was initially called Facilitating Effective Communication & Dynamics, or “FECD”) reported:

• "Effective resilient relationships in every quarter of your life...payback is multi-fold in no time at all."

• "Exceptional trainers. Great content."

• "By participating in this training program you will become part of a very small group who can impact families where they are."

• "ROI is extremely high, at minimum 10x, due to gained confidence, peace of mind for taking care of self to serve others (families, organizations, clients) to greater ability."

• “I just want to thank Rod and his team for having the imagination and courage to design a simply outstanding package of training for anyone interested in helping families and/or organizations find their voice and purpose. It has been a great privilege to have flown over from The UK to join each of the training sessions. To work with some of the best trainers in their field has been truly eye watering. It has been one breakthrough after another as insight after insight has been revealed along the way. Whether you are interested in developing yourself, your family, your business, your fund raising efforts, I couldn’t recommend this programme more highly. It’s changed my life and is already having a positive effect on those those around me. As they say, if you want to change the world, start with yourself.”

United Kingdom Heritage Professional James Hill and other Heritage Professionals talk about this training.

This program was developed by The Heritage Institute with input from other individuals and entities who are widely acknowledged to be among the foremostauthorities in the world in their field. In order to facilitate successful and dynamic meetings with clients or for families, organizations, and other entities or groups, you must:

1. Be a superb facilitator who can effectively facilitate the delivery of the content in any meeting;

2. Be able to navigate the interpersonal communication and dynamics issues that often derail those meetings, and help the individuals and group develop the culture necessary to maintain healthy communication, trust and unity over multiple generations. More often than not, these negative dynamics and conflicts arise when one or more of the parties are harboring some beliefs that are inconsistent with the results they want;

3. Be able to help the individuals involved in the group to be personally focused and aligned; and

4. Provide all of the individuals involved in the group with the tools to holdthemselves and others accountable.

5. Have proven and effective content to provide;

This program will provide you with both the skills and content to expertly provide all of that. In addition, you will receive all of the materials necessaryfor you to facilitate a Family Harmony Program.

The program includes two in-person sessions, three one-half day video conferences, a 2-hour video conference and follow-up materials as described at the ‘Apply Here’ page, below.

This program will provide you with both the facilitation skills and dynamics/conflict resolution skills and content to help your clients thrive for multiple generations.


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